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Nourish and protect your pup's paw with PawTection. Its natural wax blend creates a protective and nourishing barrier to defend against cuts, burns, and scratchy paws. Use PawTection before any outdoor activity to defend against harsh temperatures, rough terrains, and potential paw pad injuries!

Product benefits & talking points

Talking Points

  • Creates a nourishing protective barrier for all pups’ paw pads
  • Protects against extreme heat or cold including sand, snow, and pavement
  • Prevents absorption of salt or other chemicals found on ground

Who is PawTection for?

  • Dogs who spend a lot of time outdoors, especially on surfaces other than grass
  • Dogs who live in extremely warm or cold environments
  • Hikers, backpackers and general outdoor enthusiasts & their companions

Sample captions

"Our dogs don’t have much protection from what they walk on. @naturaldogcompany has developed #PawTection to help guard their sensitive feet from drying out against harsh and rough surfaces. It’s 100% natural and, unlike booties, they don’t even know they’re wearing it!"

"Sore paws = a bummed-out pup. There is this awesome all-natural balm called #PawTection that you apply to your dog’s paws before heading outside. The natural waxes in the PawTection really help to guard them against hot / ruff / harsh surfaces. It acts as a nourishing barrier and locks in moisture – making for a much happier pet :)"

Key Ingredients

Mango Butter

  • Rich in Vitamin A, C and E to help combat free radicals that may cause dryness and cracking in the paws

Rich Bran Oil

  • Natural antioxidant rich in minerals and vitamins to deeply penetrate and nourish the skin layer

Lavender Essential Oil

  • Soothes discomfort
  • Heals and fights against germs and bacteria
  • Naturally ease anxiety and stress

Sample photos

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