Himalayan Gnawer™

Embrace the chew! Chewing is a natural dog instinct but it can be a real pain in the tail for owners. Did you know chewing provides positive stimulation, improves canine dental health, and helps relieve anxiety? The majority of the mass-produced dog chews are known to contain toxic chemicals and cause digestive issues, as well as choking hazards.

Natural Dog Company’s gnawers are always developed from free-range animals without hormones, antibiotics, toxins, or GMO feeds. They are 100% natural and high in protein & healthy fats! Plus, they're long-lasting for hours of chewing enjoyment for your pup.

Time to get your paws on some Himalayan Gnawers!

  • Description

    Have you been searching for a healthy, safe, all-natural gnawer for your furry companion? Our Himilayan Gnawers were crafted with pups and owners in mind. No need to worry about hidden chemicals or toxins sneaking into your dog’s system. 

    Our gnawers are always developed from free range, humanely raised animals, that means: 

    • No hormones 
    • No antibiotics 
    • No chemicals 
    • No GMOs 

    The Himilayan Gnawers are a great source of protein and healthy fats. Never any artificial flavors, preservatives, grains, or glutens, making it easy on the stomach and naturally tasty. This helps owners too thanks to the clean, digestible ingredients you don’t have to worry about unwanted stains or upset stomachs. 

    Why are all the dogs on the block wagging their tails over these Himilayan Gnawers? 

    • 100% natural ingredients are tasty & satisfying 
    • Helps improve dental health (i.e. strengthens teeth, reduces plaque, breaks tartar buildup) 
    • Great distraction & reward treat 
    • Gnawers come in multiple sizes to fit every size and breed 

    Give your pup a little treat without the worry with a fresh Himilayan Gnawer. Your dog will thank you!

  • Application

    As with any dog treat, please supervise your dog(s) when chewing on our gnawers. Be cautious to discard gnawer when any potential hazard presents itself (i.e. small pieces, choking, indigestion etc).

  • FAQs

    Where are your Himalayan Gnawers sourced?

    Our Himalayan Gnawers are sourced from the beautiful mountains of Nepal. Gnawers are handmade in small batches using an age old hard cheese making recipe. Locally regarded as “Churpi Chews,” and enjoyed by humans for centuries, they began exporting the tasty morsels only recently to the United States as long lasting dog treats. The country of Nepal is very poor, so every time you purchase a treat, you are helping these villagers live a better life.

    Do Himalayan Gnawers have an odor?

    Yes, there is a very faint, but desirable, odor that is reminiscent of cheese. Dogs go nuts over these yummy long lasting treats.

    Are your Himalayan Gnawers digestible?

    Absolutely! Unlike rawhide, our Gnawers are full of nutrients and are completely digestible. Himalayan Gnawers are high in glutamic acid and loaded with natural vitamins & minerals.

    How long will the Gnawer last?

    The larger the Gnawer, the longer it will last. Our Gnawers should last for many hours, and sometimes days. However, there are many variables such as the strength and tenacity of your dog.

    What do I do with the small end piece?

    After you dog has enjoyed most of the chew and there is only a small piece left - microwave it! Place the dry piece on a plate in the center of the microwave and cook about 30 seconds on High Power. If the piece does not "Puff", microwave for another 10 seconds. CAUTION: Microwaved treat will be extremely hot, please allow the puff to cool down completely (at least 2 minutes) before feeding or handling.

    What happens if my dog swallows a large or sharp piece?

    Most dogs when swallowing pieces of our Himalayan Gnawers, digest these pieces and expel them. However, if the piece of chew is too large, this could result in vomiting or potential blockage as the piece will not have enough time in the digestive system to be able to break down fully before it needs to be expelled one way or the other. Non-concerning pieces are generally small, being the size of a dime or smaller, and we have yet to hear about any issues with sharp pieces causing issues. This also varies however due to the size of the dog vs. the size of the chew. A Great Dane will be able to pass a much larger piece than a teacup Chihuahua would. It is important to choose a chew that is appropriate for your dog. If you have any concerns on whether your dog has consumed too large of a piece, please contact your veterinarian immediately. We always recommend monitoring your dog for changes in behavior including but not limited to: listlessness, vomiting, lack of eating or drinking and lack of bowel movements. We recommend doing what you feel is best for your dog, being monitoring your dog or consulting with your veterinarian. With all this being said, the amount of instances seen with serious injuries have been very minimal and have always been the result of an extremely large piece swallowed - which is never recommended.

  • Ingredients

    Free Range Yak Milk, Free Range Cow Milk, Salt, Lime

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